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Graeme Abbott

Graeme Abbott MSc, NZCS (Chem), DipTchg


Graeme is Managing Director of ABA Resources Ltd. He was an analytical and research chemist at Ruakura Research Centre for 11 years and a teacher of chemistry and science at Hillcrest High School for 17 years, where he developed and pioneered the use of interactive workbooks to use in his chemistry and science teaching programmes.

Maree Abbott

Maree Abbott DipT


Maree is a Co-Director of ABA Resources Ltd. Her background is in Primary Education (DipTchg). Maree taught for many years in Normal Schools where she was involved in the development of students from university Schools of Education. She has a passion for education and an extensive knowledge of the NZ Curriculum – its significance, philosophy, content and assessment procedures at various levels of the school system. Maree and Graeme work hard to ensure the resources ABA provide are of an excellent standard.

Kay McNamara

Kay McNamara

Office Manager

Kay worked for the Inland Revenue Department for 16 years prior to joining the family business and progressing to the role of ABA’s Office Manager. Her background is in supervision and staff training, extensive debt recovery work and customer contact. Kay is passionate about providing excellent service and establishing a strong rapport with her customers.