Process & Pricing

The steps below outline the general process for all our design services, including payment. Please note: the term ‘design’ is used in the following as a general term to encompass all design, illustration and photo manipulation services (excludes printing only).

  1. Contact us via email, through our website contact page or call 07 854 9360 so we can assess whether we are right for your project.
  2. We will then need to obtain a few specifics to be able to provide you an estimate for your project. This may be done via email, phone or you can schedule a free initial consultation (up to 40 minutes duration, hourly rate applies thereafter). Alternatively, you may decide you are happy for work to be completed as needed at our hourly rate. Our standard hourly rate is only $85/hour (excluding GST).
  3. If you are happy with your estimate, please sign the Start Project Agreement at the bottom and return it to us. We then require a 50% deposit* or full payment* of the total design costs (for projects which are also to be printed with us) before we initiate the project.  This can be paid direct into our bank account or with a PayPal account. Service fees will apply if paying via PayPal.
    For larger projects, we will require additional payment installations during the project for work to proceed. This will be discussed once an estimate is accepted.
  4. On receipt of your deposit or design payment, we will confirm your project in our schedule so we can give you a completion date estimate. Please note, completion dates are estimates only as work may evolve for some clients. Additional work outside of the original estimate will be considered a new project and be charged at our hourly rate (you must agree before additional work commences).
  5. Before design work begins, we may need to obtain a little more detail about your project or you may choose to provide some. This can include examples of other similar products in the market or images online, your target audience, or more information about yourself, your company, business venture or function.
  6. Design work begins and we will email you a first draft to see if you are happy with the direction we are taking. Depending on the project, this may be at a very rough stage or almost finalised.
  7. We will then edit your project based on your feedback. At this stage, we may provide you a second draft and repeat the process or go straight to completion if you are happy to proceed.
  8. Once you are happy with your design, we will require the balance payment before we handover the finalised files or start printing. The print process generally takes between 2-4 weeks. This includes a hardcopy proof if you’d like to view it before we proceed.
  9. On receipt of final payment, we will commence printing and/or provide you the finished files, later followed by all applicable printed products once complete. Printed copies can be picked up from our office or delivery arranged (freight costs may apply).


*International customers are required to pay via PayPal before all work commences.

Please Note: Our pricing and payment terms are subject to change at any time.