“ABA’s Year 11 Science workbooks offer a great range of relevant activities, engaging and scaffolded tasks, interesting coloured graphics and useful references to additional sources for further learning.  The layout is very user-friendly; the language is at an appropriate level and the workbook provides a wonderful resource which perfectly matches the requirements for Level 1 Achievement Standards.  I have no hesitation in recommending the workbooks to other teachers – the students love them!”

– Sue Ross, Assistant Principal, Sacred Heart College, Napier



“We found the way the books offer a small piece of theory (with the associated equation) and then offers multiple opportunities at achievement level (to develop familiarity and confidence with concepts) before moving onto more complex applications, was perfect.

The books are clearly laid out and easier to navigate with the addition of the colour coded sections.  The progression in challenge for the questions is very supportive of students as are the short descriptions and supporting diagrams offered at the start of each new section. 

The NCEA support material at the back is a great resource.”

– Dave Corner, HOD Physics, Pakuranga College, Auckland



“We consistently order the Year 12 and 13 Chemistry workbooks.  The books have excellent practicals, worked examples and worksheets to use with our students.  We will continue to use ABA in the future as they are such good quality workbooks and are an excellent company to work with.”

– Chemistry Faculty, Mount Albert Grammar School, Auckland



“I have found the ABA workbooks to be extremely useful for me in NCEA Level 1, and in NCEA Level 2 this year.  The workbooks have the perfect amount of notes – clear and concise, not long and irrelevant, and hence this makes it useful to refer to when completing the exercises within the book, and when studying – I also don’t have to take notes down excessively in class!  I enjoy the ‘Extra for Experts’ sections – the workbooks are designed for everyone.  The layout is nice, tidy and clean.  I have even taken these workbooks overseas with me last year, when I missed the teaching for an entire external and when studying an extra external I signed up for!  I am pleased to say that these workbooks have been an excellent guide and precious resource.  I passed NCEA Level 1 with flying colours – Merits in biology and Excellences in chemistry.”

— Krishna, Auckland (student)



“As a student who was accelerated in the three sciences, I found the ABA resources especially helpful for my learning.  This is because each and every workbook had some easy questions to start me off and progressed to the more challenging ‘Excellence’ questions.  The excellent preparation I received by working through the workbooks allowed me to obtain 9 Excellences and 1 Merit in my NCEA Science exams, a year above my actual year level.  I solely attribute this success to the help of the ABA Resources range, which has allowed me to work independently at home.  The content complements that of the course studied in class and taught me as effectively as any teacher could.  Best of all, the interesting content makes me enjoy studying!”

– Andrew, Wellington (student)